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​​In partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation and Generations United, the artists of Limelight, LLC. are crafting a new performance aimed at raising awareness about the unique experience of being a Solo Ager. This performance highlights individual experiences from 18 culturally, economically and racially distinct solo agers interviewed across Southeast, MI and Western, NY that speak to the collective experience of this growing population.

But, but I guess we all want to be connected to people, you know, nobody wants to be by themselves. But you have those who choose, who want to be by themself. You have to respect that too, you know.

- ‘Bob’, a solo ager

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 25% of adults 60 years of age and older are considered Solo Agers and that number is only expected to rise. As it does, we hope the Solo Acts will help illuminate unique individual and collective experiences and in doing so assist caregivers, faith leaders, non-profit directors, policy makers, philanthropy and solo agers. In our performance we explore the following the concepts:


Who are solo agers? How does one come to be a solo ager? What circumstances contribute to people aging alone? 

Social Fabric / Connections & Disconnections

How do solo agers build and maintain social connections? What impact has the pandemic had on those connections? What connections are missing?

Daily Life:

The ups and downs

What are the methods solo agers use for structure in their daily lives? What role do routines play in the lives of solo agers?

Dreams, Growth & Learning in Late Life

What do solo agers dream about? What growth does aging alone provide? What lessons are learned from living the life of a solo ager?


How does one navigate healthcare when they are aging alone? What barriers and bridges exist for solo agers? 


Solo Acts: A Theatrical Compilation on Solo Aging is a generative performance designed to catalyze dialogue, raise awareness, and affirm the experience of solo agers. Each show is followed up by a dialogue/discussion based on the intended audience and/or organization/event.

Who is Solo Acts for? 

Solo Agers

Social Service Organizations


Policy Makers



 Interested in Solo Acts? Contact us at:

Click the logo to learn more about Generations United 


Click the logo to learn more about the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

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