HomeBound Podcast

A Dialogue for The Ages 

An original podcast featuring conversation and stories between one of our cultures most under-utilized natural resources...our elders, and our culture's juniors, those in search of their own chairs, young folks whose own stories are just beginning.

This podcast was supported in part by


An Intergenerational and Aging In Place/Shelter in Place Project

In collaboration with the Intergenerational Ypsilanti Senior Center Project


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In every neighborhood, town and street,  there are worlds within worlds  spanning generations and time, so take some time and  connect, catch up, swap stories and memories, make new ones, even if you're home bound. 


Meet the Team

Mixer & Maestro: Eric-Erock Minni

Conceptualizer & Creative: ‘Jessica ‘aka Decky’ Alexander

Production Team Savants: Catherine Cofffey-Burns and Tyler ‘Puff’ Calhoun

Original Music by Eric-Erock Minni

©2019 by Limelight, LLC. 

Homebound Podcast is a project of Limelight, a little company focused on illuminating big ideas on the stage and through sound, this Homebound podcast is funded in part by Generations United.  Special thanks to: Abbie Lawrence-Jacobson, Sheri Steinig, Gilbert House, EMU Family Empowerment Program, and the Ypsilanti Senior Center.