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Meet the Team

Adrienne Walling


Adrienne is a performer and educator living in Ypsilanti, MI.  Adrienne has had a lifelong passion for theatre and education. She began performing at the age of 8 and continued her passion throughout her college experience. While studying at Eastern Michigan University, Adrienne acted and sang in various performances, and was a member of CloseUp Theatre Troupe and 6 Figures Playback Theatre Company. In 2017, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education and Secondary Education for Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts. After graduation, she volunteered teaching theatre at the Ypsilanti District Library for the Learning Never Gets Old program and was a facilitator for the Woodland Center Correctional Facility’s Theatre Group. Adrienne is currently a Health Educator for the Washtenaw County Health Department. Most recently, Adrienne performed at Louisiana State University, presented by Limelight LLC and directed by Words WINn Theatre Experience, LLC. 

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