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ReGen Storytelling Workshops

Since January 2021, the ReGen Storytelling Program:

  • Hosted 6 workshops with 5 different cohorts

  • Engaged with over 28 older participants

  • Engaged with over 26 younger participants

  • Coordinated with Detroit Area Agency on Aging to distribute 27 laptops across the Detroit area

The ReGen storytelling workshop project uses the mediums of improvisation and storytelling to foster community, collaboration and interaction between and with older adults and younger adults (e.g. high school and college age).

This project is presented in collaboration with the

Detroit Area Agency on Aging and supported in part by

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Intergenerational cohorts of 10-12 total (5/6 younger adults and 5/6 older adults) come together virtually to engage in a series of four, 1, or 1.5-hour ReGen workshops over a period of 4-6 weeks. Each workshop begins with improvisational shared storytelling and ends with a story product shaped by each participant in the workshop. It is our intent to end the workshops with a meeting of the older and younger participants when it is safe to do so in the future. 

Interested in bringing ReGen Storytelling Workshops to your region? Contact:

Enjoy a Six Word story or a piece of common sense generated by our 2021 ReGen participants! 

If you had to tell a story in

only six words, what story would you tell? 

The ReGen Storytelling workshops are facilitated by Jessica ‘Decky’ Alexander, Professor at Eastern Michigan University and founder of Limelight, Ariel Pompey, Tayler Jones, and Tyler Calhoun. This project is presented in collaboration with the Detroit Area Agency on Aging and funded in part by Generations United. 

©2019 by Limelight, LLC. 

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