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What is Limelight?

Limelight is a theatre consulting company. We create theatre and use theatre as a story-telling, community-building, and problem-solving tool. We devise and craft situational-specific works of theatre that are framed by a theory of change. Essentially, we want to use theatre TO DO something. 

Why address problems using Theatre?

There is no one type of Limelight project, they are as distinctive in form and content as the problems they seek to address.


At Limelight we work with universities, philanthropy, non-profits, health systems, and municipalities with a problem they seek to address, or a story they want to tell. We then work to understand their wants and needs and craft a theatrically inspired solution. The solution could be a series of workshops that make use of drama/theatre-inspired techniques to increase an organization’s capacity or communication skills; scripting and performance coaching for a presentation; or even crafting a theatre piece that tells the story of an organization or population.

The theatre we craft at Limelight is in intimate proximity to the people, ideas, and issues it seeks to address. We can't wait to collaborate with you!

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