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Why Limelight?

Limelight was a type of incandescent light once used in theaters to produce a very strong illumination often at the front of stage. Our Limelight does the same. We seek to illuminate - through the power of theatre & media - places, people and ideas often less visible or understood. 

Ann Arbor _ Ypsi Solo Acts Event

A Bit About Limelight, LLC

Limelight is a theatre consulting company. We create theatre and use theatre as a story-telling, community building, and/or problem-solving tool.


At Limelight we encourage you to think of theatre more broadly than something solely on a stage, but as a flexible and malleable art form that can be utilized in both theatrical venues and many ‘non-theatrical’ spaces such as schools, government, business, hospitals, and community organizations.


Theatre is many things: a presentational art form; an ephemeral medium dedicated to the idea of immediacy and even a transformational tool. How theatre is created and how it is used is situational.

At Limelight we work with you to understand your wants and needs and craft a theatrical solution. The solution could be a series of drama/theatre inspired workshops to increase an organization’s capacity or communication skills; scripting and performance coaching for a presentation; or a theatre piece that tells the story of the organization.

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Decky Alexander

Founder & Company Director

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